What is DNS Record?

DNS means Domain Name Service. First and foremost we should be aware of the terms Internet names and Internet address. Internet names are those names used to mention the hosts on the internet for example: http://www.globaliway.com. Here globaliway is referred to as internet names used in the browser. Internet address are the address normally the numbers which are being used to move traffic across the internet for example Where name stands for internet names and numbers stands for internet address. DNS service  translates its service between internet names and internet address.  Usually this service is provided by the hosting company  or given by the registrar where the domain is registered.

What are DNS Records?
DNS records or Zone files are used for mapping URLs to an IPs. These records are located in the DNS server. It connects your website with the outside world. When the URL is typed on the browser it is being forwarded to your DNS servers and then get pointed to webservers.  These webservers serve the website mentioned in the URL or the Email server which handles the incoming email.

Types of DNS Records:

NS Record:
Name server  –All the servers that are listed in the NS record are stated as the authoritative name servers for a particular domain.

MX Record:
MX record is considered as the Mail Exchange Record.  This MX record states the location where the mail is being sent.  Apart from IP address MX records contains fully qualified domain names.

A Record:
A record is the Address Record. This assigns an IP address for a domain or a subdomain name. Usually A record will be an IP address.

CNAME Record:
Canonical Name Record makes one domain name as an alias of another domain name.  Usually the aliased domain acquires all the subdomains and DNS record of the original domain. CNAME redirects request to another record. CNAME will be fully qualified domain name.

TXT Record:
TXT Record allows inserting arbitrary text into a DNS record. These TEXT Record adds SPF records to a domain.

TIL Record :
TIL is nothing but Time to Live.  This TIL value sets  the tenure of information which will be good when a recursive DNS server queries for your domain name information Usually the value is set in seconds.

SOA Record:
This State of Authority record specifies the DNS server that provides authoritative information about the domain name, domain administrator email, domain serial number, along with several timers in relation to refreshing the zone.


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